July Middle Grade Pick of the Month

Middle grade is a term that refers to books written for readers between the ages of eight and twelve. In this column, Erica will recommend great books for children in this age group!

My Aunt is a Monster by Reimena Yee
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Safia was raised on tales of adventure, and when she is taken in by her aunt Whimsy, the (retired) greatest adventurer to have ever lived, Safia is determined that she will finally get to have her own adventure. But Aunt Whimsy and Safia’s friend Hebe have secrets; what will happen when they finally get out?

This graphic novel has gorgeous art and a heartwarming story of family, friendship and discovery; Aunt Whimsy is aptly named for the fun and engaging voice of this fantastic story. Safia is a compelling heroine, and Aunt Whimsy and Hebe’s stories and secrets are understandable while still being flawed.

Check out the book Kirkus Reviews praised as “a lighthearted romp” with “an energetic style reminiscent of a ‘90s cartoon” that’s “kindhearted and full of fun” as well as “adorable and diverting”; Booklist Reviews described as a story with a “[dreamy] saturated, jewel-toned color palette” that “tidily carries the plot through, and the plot is packed”; and PW Reviews called an “electric combination of layered paneling and sprawling spreads [that] beg to be pored over” with an “irresistible lead [with] an innate sense of wonder and longing for adventure…heartwarming.”

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