September Graphic Novel Book Club

Monday, September 18th at 5:00 p.m.
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Join Caroline and Kat for a book discussion and trivia game for 4th through 8th graders! We will be reading Middle School Misadventures by Jason Platt.

Newell signs up for the Middle School talent show but isn’t sure what type of show he can provide for his school. Newell thinks of numerous possibilities, such as singing, juggling, and magic; however he doesn’t have the talent for any of these activities and Newell also doesn’t want to be in the spotlight. If you enjoy graphic novels such as Calvin and Hobbes and Wallace the Brave you will be in for a treat as you discover the life of Newell as he navigates the misadventures of Middle School. 

The Trove will provide a free copy of the book for the first eight individuals to register for the discussion. When the books are available, we will email to arrange pickup; please list an email address and phone number when registering. You can also place a hold on the book using our catalog. 

Further recommended reading if you like Middle School Misadventures:

Wallace the Brave by Will Henry
For Grades 3-6
Library Collection

Welcome to Snug Harbor – a quaint coastal city and home for the year-round comic strip adventures of elementary students Wallace, his best friend Spud, and their new friend in town, Amelia. Wallace is adventurous and brave; Spud is the opposite of Wallace – he’s afraid of everything – but in love with food and Amelia; Amelia would rather throw a water balloon at Spud. Wallace lives at home with his fisherman dad, garden-savvy mom, and rambunctious little brother, Sterling. Wallace and his friends tackle the first days back at school, going fishing, avoiding mom’s cooking, complaining about homework, going to the comic book shop, and all year round adventure during all four seasons in a fictitious town in Rhode Island. AMP Kids has collected the first strips of Wallace the Brave, which originally debuted online in 2015, in their easy to access AMP Kids format. The series is a welcome throwback to comics like Calvin and Hobbes and Cul de Sac, where each day with Wallace and his friends is a brand new adventure. The series is a fun read for not only kids but nostalgic adults and harkens back to the joyous days of when kids were kids and were allowed to explore the great unknown barefoot, brave, but with a punchline added in sprinkles.” –School Library Journal


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