October Middle Grade Pick of the Month

Middle grade is a term that refers to books written for readers between the ages of eight and twelve. In this column, Erica will recommend great books for children in this age group!

Hanging with Vampires: A Totally Factual Field Guide to the Supernatural by Insha Fitzpatrick
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This fangtastic nonfiction guide to vampires digs into the lore, history and pop culture appearances of vampires, arming all its readers with information and food for thought (even literally, with a garlic bread recipe!). Knowledge is power, after all, and this first entry in a series of guides into the supernatural is a great way to get into the holiday spirit this October!

The book is written in a fun, engaging tone that teaches the reader but also keeps them wanting to learn more and keep flipping pages. The more factual chapters are intercut with shorter sections that offer a change of pace; the “interviews” are particularly entertaining (but I won’t spoil who’s getting interviewed, you’ll have to read it yourself to find out!).

Check out the book that Booklist Reviews praised as a “good guidebook” that “leaves readers feeling prepared” and “offering tips on how to fight vampires” along with “eye-catching illustrations” and Kirkus Reviews described as “a lively introduction to…undead bloodsuckers, making clear that such legends have deep roots,” with “dramatic, slightly eerie spot drawings [that] break up the text and add to the fun.”

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