February Trove Book Groups

February Book Bunch

Tuesday, February 27th  @ 4:30PM
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Join Caroline and Erika for a book discussion and trivia for 4th-8th graders! We will be reading Amari and the Night Brothers by B.B. Alston

Just when Amari hits her lowest point of losing her scholarship and her brother being MIA for weeks, she finds a mysterious briefcase that will change her life forever. Now competing for a coveted spot in a supernatural organization, can Amari prove herself as an ally to her classmates and save her brother?

The Trove will provide a free copy of the book for the first eight individuals to register for the discussion. When the books are available, we will email to arrange pickup; please list an email address and phone number when registering. You can also place a hold on the book using our catalog.

Recommended reads if you like Amari and the Night Brothers:

The Marvellers by Dhonielle Clayton
Library Collection

“Ella Durand is an 11-year-old from New Orleans, where she lives with her conjure-politician father, notorious Conjuror mother, grandmother, and little sister, Winnie. Ella makes history as the first Conjuror to be accepted into the Arcanum Training Institute, where she can learn to become a Marveller. Ella is eager to discover her marvel and to find out more about a type of magic so different from what she has grown up with, but integrating into this new school turns out to be harder than she hoped. Fortunately, she makes new friends, Jason and Brigit, who help her better navigate life at the school. After Ella’s family becomes embroiled in controversy due to allegations of their connection to an infamous escaped criminal and her teacher and mentor, Masterji Thakur, goes missing, she needs her friends’ help to help set things right. Clayton does a wonderful job with skillful worldbuilding that is bolstered by vivid, detailed descriptions and smart, witty prose, and readers will be swept up in the magic. The novel celebrates the diverse peoples and customs that make up Ella’s world. Parallels between the world of the Marvellers and real-world history around discrimination, privilege, marginalization, and stereotyping are clear without being heavy-handed. A charming cast and captivating storylines make this a breath of fresh air. An enthralling fantasy adventure full of bravery, love, and humor.” – Kirkus Reviews

The Raven Heir by Stephanie Burgis
Library Collection

“Cordelia adores her family—her fellow triplets, Giles and Rosalind; their older half brother, Connall; her mother; and her mother’s friend who looks after the goats—but their secret castle in the woods is claustrophobic. She longs to turn into an animal and explore, but she’s promised her overprotective mother that she won’t wander off without supervision. Rosalind has her mock sword fighting, and Giles has his music, but Cordelia has only the desperate urge to fly free with her animal shape-shifting powers. Her dream of freedom twists into a nightmare when angry people bearing arms arrive at the castle demanding the war-torn kingdom’s heir. The triplets escape into the woods when the others are taken captive, shocked by uncovered family secrets. Cordelia, learning more of her past, now has her own secrets. It’s one thing to squabble with Giles and Rosalind, but will they forgive her for being as parsimonious with the truth as their mother has been? Ultimately, saving the world requires an unbearable sacrifice and reveals that even loving family members make dreadful mistakes. Though Cordelia and her siblings are primarily sketched in lightly around their traits and hobbies, their emotional journeys are rich, believable, and fulfilling. The triplets are light-skinned, Connall is brown, and the world is racially diverse and has a mixed-gender military. Chaotic, heartwarming, and emotionally satisfying with high stakes that keep readers invested.” – Kirkus Reviews

February Graphic Novel Book Club

Monday, February 26th @ 5PM
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Join Caroline and Erika for a book discussion and trivia for 3rd-6th graders! We will be reading Leon the Extraordinary by Jamar Nicholas

Leon is a superpowerless kid living in a world where extraordinary abilities are the norm. While Leon dreams about becoming a superhero, he may be the only one able to stop the horde of zombies taking over his school.

The Trove will provide a free copy of the book for the first eight individuals to register for the discussion. When the books are available, we will email to arrange pickup; please list an email address and phone number when registering. You can also place a hold on the book using our catalog.

Recommended Reads if you like Leon The Extraordinary:

The Cardboard Kingdom by Chad Sell
Library Collection

A diverse group of neighborhood children use cardboard, tape, and other materials to create a pretend fantasy world. When Jack puts on his purple robe and cardboard hair, he becomes the powerful and evil Sorceress. Though Sophie’s grandmother tells her that girls shouldn’t be loud, Sophie feels like her true self when she transforms into the boisterous Big Banshee, a green, Hulk-like monster. And when Seth, whose parents are divorcing, dons a purple mask and cape and turns into the Gargoyle, he feels strong enough to stand up to his increasingly erratic and aggressive father. The chapters each focus on a different character and deftly build on one another. The art is bold and cartoonlike. Panels seamlessly transition between what characters look like in their makeshift costumes and how they appear in their imagination. While the tone is light, Sell and several contributors (each of whom is responsible for a different character and chapter) tackle serious issues, such as gender stereotypes, bullying, and divorce, that will resonate with kids. The children’s playacting is not only fun—it also gives them a safe space to express themselves. Readers may be inspired to craft their own cardboard kingdom after finishing the book. VERDICT  A must-have for middle grade collections.”School Library Journal

Primer by Jennifer Muro
Library Collection

“Ever since her abusive father was imprisoned, spunky graffiti artist Ashley has bounced from foster home to foster home. When she finally finds a new family she jibes with, she’s cautiously optimistic. Kitch Nolan is a visual artist while his wife, Yuka, is a geneticist for Zecromax Labs. They’re overjoyed to welcome Ashley into their life, but Yuka grows increasingly distant. Soon Ashley discovers that Yuka is keeping a secret: She’s stolen some prototype Project Warpaint. A new secret weapon coveted by the military, this is body paint imbued with superhero powers, one per color. When Ashley accidentally activates the paints and begins experimenting with them, she decides to assume a superhero identity, becoming the titular Primer with the help of her new friend Luke. Soon she realizes she’s up against a bigger threat than your average bad guy. A supersoldier is hunting down this new secret weapon and is more than happy to take out Ashley in the process. The character design has slightly exaggerated features (white-presenting Ashley has oversized eyes and a petite waist), and the illustration style is realistic, dynamic, and, of course, colorful. Readers willing to overlook slight inconsistencies in characterization and questions about worldbuilding will find this read delightful and look forward to future chapters. The Nolans are an interracial couple, and Luke presents black. An energetic introduction to a new superhero.” –Kirkus Reviews

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