Creepy Chronicles: Deephaven

For the kids looking for more dark and twisted tales, Erika is here to bring you a middle grade scare!

Deephaven by Ethan Aldridge
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Ready to have a fresh start in life, Nev accepts a prestigious full ride scholarship to Deephaven Academy. Of course, anything that comes free tends to come at a cost, and for Nev, the trouble has only just begun when they hear sobbing and scratches coming through the forbidden East Wing. Will Nev be able to untangle the mysteries within this boarding school while under the threat of expulsion?

Scare Factor: 3 out of 5 shivers down your spine

While this gothic novel will not necessarily induce any nightmares, the haunting atmosphere, pacing, and action definitely kept me on the edge of my seat. Aldridge’s descriptors were so good I felt the need to reach in my nonexistent pockets searching for the bits and bobs that were in Nev’s beloved coat. In Deephaven Academy, you see how these lovable outcast kids are all finding their own way to fit in, from taking up sword fighting to maybe tampering with dark ritual magic, and I love that for all of them. Plus, at the end of each chapter you’re rewarded with a lovely illustration by the author! This is a great read for those wanting to dive into dark academia and gothic novels.

Take a look at the animation teaser made by the author!

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