Meet Erika Peiffer

Please join me in welcoming our newest staff member, Youth Services Librarian Erika Peiffer.

What interested you in becoming a librarian?

I was working in television news for about four years, but I had the desire to have more of a direct interaction with the community (and maybe a work schedule that did not require me coming in at 3 in the morning). I was always passionate about information and news literacy and a good friend who was working on their Master in Library Science (MLS) encouraged me to look into librarianship. After starting my MLS and changing gears working the front desk at my hometown public library I knew I made the right decision.

Why did you decide you wanted to work with youth?

Working in the library I grew up in, I loved seeing the kids so excited to check out books and attending our events and programs. I wanted to be a part of encouraging a love of lifelong learning and a welcoming place for all kids.

Any programs or services you're looking forward to trying out this spring/summer?

My coworker Caroline and I have been working on bringing in a therapy dog for kids to read to and I cannot wait to see the kids’ reactions and of course to have a fluffy coworker.

Erica and I (aka Ericka2 or The Erickas [trademark pending]) are also developing a Sensory Soothing Storytime program for kids with sensory processing disorders and hoping to start it up in mid-late spring.

In March I’ll be starting a K-6 program focusing on constellations, discussing where to spot them in the sky and the mythology behind them.

What has surprised you the most about White Plains, or the Library?

While I knew this was going to be a much bigger library than my hometown’s, I definitely underestimated how many people work here! It’s been a lot of fun getting to know everyone and having so many different people to bounce ideas off of. And, of course, I’ve never seen a library with a pirate ship, so that’s pretty cool.

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  1. George H.

    Welcome to the library Erika. I’ve been happily using the White Plains library since the mid-80s. It’s a great library. Enjoy!

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