One-Time Adventures

Join Erica and Erika to explore one-shot, one-page role-playing games! No prior experience is necessary – the game rules are simple enough to all fit on one page – and there aren’t any long campaign commitments either, since one-shots take place in one session. Character creation, dice-rolling and gameplay can all be done in an hour – are you ready to play? This month the games will be Library Cats and Honey Heist – see below for more details!

Library Cats

February 7th @ 5PM in Galaxy Hall

You are a team of magical house cats tasked with keeping a magical library safe and helping its patrons—so long as those patrons aren’t planning to end the world. But something terrible is about to happen!

Honey Heist

February 21st @ 5PM in Galaxy Hall

1) You have a complex plan that requires precise timing, and


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