May Trove Book Club

May Chapter Chats

May 13th  @ 5:00PM

For kids in Grades 3-6 looking for a quiet area and time dedicated to reading, join us for our sit-in read and chat book club! We will have 20 minutes of reading time and then come together to discuss our books.

Don’t have a book in mind? Here are some recommended reads:

Sir Callie and the Champions of Helston by Esme Symes-Smith
All available formats

In a world where girls have magic and boys become knights, nonbinary Callie has always been determined that their gender will not be able to stop them from becoming a proud knight of the realm. When their father is summoned to the capital, Helston; Callie leaps at the chance to come along and make their dream come true. But prejudice and bigotry run rampant in Helston, and there are enemy forces gathering nearby. Will Callie be able to force an entire city to make the change they know is right?

Shirley & Jamila Save Their Summer by Gillian Goerz
All available formats

Jamila Waheed is staring down a lonely summer in a new neighborhood–until she meets Shirley Bones. Sure, Shirley's a little strange, but both girls need a new plan for the summer, and they might as well become friends.  Then this kid Oliver shows up begging for Shirley's help. His pet gecko has disappeared, and he's sure it was stolen! That's when Jamila discovers Shirley's secret – She's the neighborhood's best kid detective, and she's on the case. When Jamila discovers she's got some detective skills of her own, a crime-solving partnership is born.

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