Creepy Chronicles: May 2024

For the kids looking for more dark and twisted tales, Erika is here to bring you a middle grade scare!

The Clackity by Lora Senf
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Ghosts are real in Blight Harbor, the 7th most haunted town in America and where Evie resides with her beloved paranormal expert Aunt Desdemona. Most of Blight Harbor is inhabited by harmless, albeit lonely ghosts, except for the abandoned slaughterhouse possibly inhabited by the spirit of the infamous serial killer. After Des disappears in front of Evie, she makes a deal to venture into the otherworld to find and save her aunt from becoming the next victim from the serial killer’s spirit.

This book has everything: ghosts, childhood trauma, witches, a serial killer, a paranormal monster, and scary houses (yes, multiple!). All of these ingredients are combined and baked to the perfect horror novel for kids who are not easily scared! Many aspects of this story are reminiscent of horror in adult media. The Clackity could very well be related to The Babadook, and the different challenges and monsters throughout the houses parallels the Resident Evil Village survival horror video game. Beyond the scare factor, all of our non-murderous characters are charming and loveable (I mean, I may be biased towards the librarian). For those interested in a scary story that is also a rich narrative, The Clackity has a deal for you.

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