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During the year, each month celebrates a variety of observances and celebrations that can include celebrations of food, animals, and historical events. Observations in July include well known days such as Fourth of July to lesser known, funny (and downright strange) events celebrating things such as taking your plant for a walk, scarecrows, and sticking out your tongue. I have highlighted a few holidays that are fun, a few that are educational, and some that are cultural and historical.

July 2nd: World UFO Day

Mama the Alien/Mamá la extraterrestre by Rene Colato Lainez

When Mama’s purse falls on the floor revealing an old residency card, Sophia thinks that her mother is an alien and begins to learn all about aliens.

The Three Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot by Margaret McNamara

Take a tour of the solar system and meet Bork, Gork and Nklxwcyz as they try to defeat their home from the big bad robot. An intergalactic and clever twist on The Three Little Pigs.

Astro Nuts:The Plant Planet by Jon Scieska

Four mutant animals have been created by NNASA (Not-Nasa) to explore other planets. A fun and silly book.

July 4th: Independence Day

Corduroy’s Fourth of July by Don Freeman

Corduroy and his friends are celebrating Fourth of July with a day of picnicking, swimming and marching in the parade!

On the Fourth of July by Maggie C. Rudd

Family and friends celebrate the Fourth of July in a book with stunning illustrations.

Apple Pie Fourth of July by Janet S. Wong

A young Chinese girl wonders if Americans eat Chinese food on the fourth of July.

July 24th is International Self-Care Day

Mindful Day by Deborah Hopkinson

Take a deep breath and observe the world: when we slow down and pay attention we learn to become mindful. Learn how breathing can help us calm our bodies and minds.

A Kid’s Book About Gratitude by Ben Kenyon

Change your perspective by becoming more grateful – having a practice of gratitude can help us ground ourselves and explore the positive aspects of life so that we can focus on the good in life to become more joyful.

Healing Breath: A Guided Meditation through Nature for Kids by William Meyer

It’s okay to feel anxious and worried. This book will help young readers get grounded. When we are grounded, we can become focused and empowered to help the world in whatever way we can. A beautiful book.

July is Disability Pride Month

The Girl Who Figured It Out by Minda Dentler

Read the inspiring true story of wheelchair athlete Minda Dentler who becomes an Ironman World Champion.

I Will Dance by Nancy Bo Flood

Eva wants to dance but she has cerebral palsy, and is in a wheelchair. Eva learns that there is a wonderful place for dancers of all abilities.

This Kid Can Fly by Aaron Fhilip and Tonya Bolden

Learn about the creator of Tumblr blog Aaronverse. Aaron is an inspiring kid who also self-published his first graphic novel (Tanda.)

July is National Black Family Month

Soul Food Sunday by Winsome Bindham

Granny teaches her family how to cook delicious soul food with the help of her grandson who adds a new ingredient.

The Watsons Go to Birmingham by Christopher Paul Curtis

This historical fiction novel centers around a family road trip to Alabama during one of the darkest times in history.

Nighttime Symphony by Timbaland and Christopher Myers

Even though there is a storm, the baby will snuggle up with a lullaby and will be safe as he sleeps.

July is National Ice Cream Month

Saffron Ice Cream by Rashin Kheiriyeh

Rashin compares her life in Iran to New York City. When her family goes to Coney Island Rashin sees the ice cream sellers and asks for saffron ice cream. She is sad to learn they don’t have saffron, but enjoys the chocolate crunch. Rashin also makes a new friend at the beach.

Ice Cream Larry by Daniel Pinkwater

Larry is a polar bear who lives in New Jersey and works as a lifeguard. Larry doesn't eat people but loves ice cream. Larry gets accidentally locked in a local ice cream freezer. How many scoops of ice cream does Larry eat while he is locked up?

Ice Cream Face by Heidi Woodward Sheffield

Meet a child that loves ice cream. He smiles throughout the book making happy faces but what face does he make when he has to wait in line? Read to find out!

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