This Service Is Temporarily Not Available.

Wireless Internet access is available at the White Plains Public Library (see "Other Wireless Libraries in Westchester" for more libraries offering wireless access). We invite you to explore our high speed internet access using your own wireless-enabled laptop or PDA.

In order to connect, your computer must have a WiFi-compatible network card installed (802.11b or 802.11g). Free access is provided throughout most of the Main Floor of the Library and throughout The Trove. Wireless users agree to abide by the Library's Computers & Internet Public Use policy. A copy of these policies can be found at the Library's Reference Desk.

Wireless Network Security

Communications over a wireless network are not secure. Information sent from or to your laptop can be captured by anyone else with a wireless device and appropriate software, within two hundred feet. When using any network connection, including wireless, it is strongly recommended that you DISABLE file sharing or print sharing to aid in preventing hackers access to your computer.

The Library assumes no responsibility for the safety of equipment or for laptop configurations, security, or data files resulting from connection to the Library's network.

For your own protection and privacy, you are advised to install a firewall or other computer security measure when accessing the Internet.

Wireless Network Scope and Limitations

  • You may use Library's wireless network any time the Library is open to the public.
  • Library wireless network allows unlimited web browsing, including web-based email and chat sites and streaming media.
  • The Library's wireless network does not allow for outbound email access using SMTP. Please use a web-based email service if you wish to send and receive email.
  • The Library's wireless network does not allow for Telnet, SSH, FTP, VPNs and other services beyond web access.
  • The Library's wireless network is bandwidth-limited to ensure equitable access for all wireless users.

Hardware Requirements

  • A Wireless device (laptop, PDA, etc) with a WiFi-compliant 802.11b or 802.11g wireless network card.
  • A charged battery (electrical outlets are available at limited locations)
  • Headphones for listening to video and/or audio files

Software Requirements

  • Set your TCP client software to obtain addresses automatically from a server.
  • Install and configure TCP/IP software by opening the Network icon in the Control Panel. Under Protocol settings, add TCP/IP. Set the IP address to obtain an IP address automatically. Leave all other fields blank. Restart the laptop for the changes to take effect.
  • In addition, it is highly recommended that all equipment have up-to-date antivirus software and a personal firewall installed.

Technical Support and Printing
Library staff cannot provide technical assistance with your laptop or other wireless equipment and cannot guarantee you be able to make a wireless connection. Staff will be happy to help you find web sites that can offer you assistance in connecting to the wireless network but cannot accept the liability of handling your equipment.

Troubleshooting Recommendations

Wireless Card Settings:
Use the software that came with your wireless card or computer to configure the settings and to verify a connection to the Library's wireless network.

Windows 98
Network Settings:

  1. From Control Panel, select Network.
  2. Locate the TCP/IP protocol and get into its Properties. If more than one TCP/IP protocol is listed, look for the one associated with your wireless adapter.
  3. For IP Address, select "Obtain an IP address automatically."
  4. For DNS, select "Disable DNS."
  5. For WINS, select "Use DHCP for WINS Resolution."

Windows 2000 & XP
Network Settings:

  1. From Control Panel, select "Network and Dial-up Connections" or "Network and Internet Connections > Internet Connections."
  2. Right-click on "Wireless Network Connection" or "Local Area Connection" and click Properties.
  3. Locate the Internet TCP/IP protocol and get into its Properties. If more than one TCP/IP protocol is listed, look for the one associated with your wireless adapter.
  4. Select "Obtain an IP address automatically" and "Obtain DNS server address automatically."
  5. For XP, right click on "Wireless Network Connection" and select "View Available Wireless Networks." Select the name of the wireless network available at the Library and click "Connect.".

Internet Explorer Tips:
Please note that depending on your version of software, there may be variations in the procedures.

From Control Panel, select Internet Options > Connections tab.
If you also have a dial-up connection, it should not be set to "Always dial my default connection."
LAN Settings should be "Automatically detect settings" and leave the Proxy server settings blank.


Network Settings (OS 8 & 9):

  1. Select: Apple Menu > Control Panel > TCP/IP.
  2. Connect via "AirPort" or other wireless (WiFi) ethernet.
  3. Configure "Using DHCP Server."
  4. Leave Name Server and Additional Search domains blank.

Network Settings (OS X):

  1. Select: Apple Menu > System Preferences > Network button.
  2. Select TCP/IP tab and Configure "Using DHCP."
  3. Above the TCP/IP tab, you may need to Configure via "AirPort" or other wireless (WiFi) ethernet.
  4. Leave Domain Name Servers and Search Domains blank.

The Library is not responsible for any changes you make to your computer's settings and cannot guarantee your hardware will work with our wireless connection.

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