Our new customer service policy. Why bother?

You've seen them in banks, stores, and on consumer websites. But why would a library bother creating a customer service policy?

For the same reason that any organization that works with the public has adopted one: to let its customers know how they can expect to be treated, in this case, by the White Plains Public Library.

It also provides library staff and managers with clear benchmarks for how we should perform, from the state of the library building (a clean facility in good repair) to every single customer interaction—whether online, on the phone, or in-person.

But most importantly, a customer service policy is an ongoing reminder of our true purpose: public service. It’s easy for organizations to grow complacent, or to put their own agenda ahead of the needs of their customers. A customer service policy should serve to keep us on our toes, always challenging whether our actions are in the best interest of White Plains residents.

At their meeting last month, the Library’s Board of Trustees approved a new customer service policy. Take a moment to read it, and be sure to let me know (bkenney@whiteplainslibrary.org) if we are living up to our promise.


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