The New NY Bridge & I Lift NY Super Crane: All In K’NEX!

Out over the Hudson River, the New NY Bridge (that will replace the Tappan Zee Bridge) is under construction and due to be completed in 2018. In excited anticipation, children in The Trove have built a giant model of the new bridge – all in K’NEX! But, that’s not all. They have gone on to build a K’NEX model of the I Lift NY Super Crane, the giant floating crane that is being used to help build the new bridge. Both are currently on display in The Trove. Be sure to stop by to get a glimpse of these amazing structures!

Over a four-week period this Fall, 24 children in second through sixth grade, with the assistance of 4 teen volunteers, spent their Monday after-school time on this special Trove project. As a team, they worked together to select the individual K’NEX building pieces, assemble and fit together the components, troubleshoot problems and make needed repairs in an efficient and timely manner.

As the young builders proudly received certificates of participation, they knew they had just become a part of local history. Through the process, they had been exposed to critical math and engineering skills and learned the value of teamwork. Having fun was certainly a bonus! For years to come, they will travel over this new bridge and remember the important role they played in the publicity of its construction.

Special thanks goes to Andrew O’Rourke, Public Outreach Administrator of the New NY Bridge Project for inspiration, design expertise and materials used in this effort!

​For more about the project–and more photos!–check out this great article by Janie Rosman in the Rockland Times.



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