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Check Out a Launchpad!

The Trove announces its latest item for checkout – – The Playaway Launchpad! At a recent family program, families were able to try out and play with these new mobile devices. The Launchpads, purchased from Findaway, are small computer tablets that are pre-loaded with interactive learning apps and games for children. They are durable and come packaged in a bright orange case complete with charger. Tested by children in The Trove, the Launchpads have received great reviews. The current collection is for ages 3 to 5 years and 5 to 7 years. They are now available to check out with
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Summer StoryWalk® in The Trove

The Statue of Liberty takes a vacation! Where does she go and will she return to New York City? Follow The Trove's Summer StoryWalk® to find out! The StoryWalk® is based on the book, Lady Liberty's Holiday written by Jen Arena and illustrated by Matt Hunt. This interactive reading activity in The Trove is open to families with children, grades 1 through 6, this summer through Friday, September 2, 2016. StoryWalk® guidelines are available at the Children's Information Desk (The Compass) in The Trove. Participants must pick up the StoryWalk® form there before proceeding on the walk. Follow the arrows
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People & Stories Oral History Project: Kenny Lee

We are grateful to start our collaboration with White Plains Jazz Fest and ArtsWestchester on a good note–with an oral history by Kenny Lee, whose life and music are important parts of White Plains history. Lee is known to different people for different things. Some know him as a trumpet player and band leader of the Kenny Lee All Stars. Others know him as a detective with the White Plains Police Department. Lee was born in White Plains and, taking after his father, started playing trumpet at an early age. He played in the White Plains Schools in the jazz
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Board Meeting Documents for July 13th, 2016

Approved Library Board Meeting Minutes 07-13-16 07-13-16 Combined Agenda Documents 07-13-16 Library Board Agenda Agenda Item #1 – 06-08-16 Regular Library Board Minutes Agenda Item #2 – Budget Report – June 2016 Agenda Item #3 – Claim List 22 Agenda Item #3 – Claim List 23 Agenda Item #3 – Claim List 24 Agenda Item #3 – Claim List 25 Agenda Item #4 – Adult Services Report – June 2016 Agenda Item #4 – Assistant Directors Report June 2016 Agenda Item #4 – Children's Monthly Report – June 2016 Agenda Item #4 – Collection Management Report – June 2016 Agenda
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Maker Camp 2016

Teens, be part of Maker Camp 2016, a worldwide, online camp sponsored by Make: and Google. We meet every Wednesday starting July 13 at 2:00 p.m. Each week we will be working on a different project and then sharing photos and videos with other campers around the world. This summer's themes are: Things That Go, Mechanical Wonders, Way-out Sound, Sci-fi, Games and Farmstead. No registration, just pop-in for a session.
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Featured Collections: Elie Wiesel

Sometimes we must interfere.  When human lives are endangered, when human dignity is in jeopardy, national borders and sensitivities become irrelevant.  Whenever men or women are persecuted because of their race, religion, or political views, that place must — at that moment — become the center of the universe.  –Elie Wiesel A survivor of Auschwitz and Buchenwald, Elie Wiesel was a professor, political activist, Nobel Laureate, and champion of human rights. Books Night by Elie Wiesel Dawn by Elie Wiesel The Accident by Elie Wiesel Open Heart by Elie Wiesel After the Darkness by Elie Wiesel Hostage by Elie Wiesel
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