Local History: Societies & Clubs

Between the late 1920s and the mid 1980s, librarians amassed a large collection of pamphlets, flyers, photographs, newsletters, and yearbooks from all kinds of organizations in White Plains and filed them under “Societies & Clubs.” Below are a few examples–some pulled at random, some pulled because I found them amusing–of the fascinating, often quirky contents of the Societies & Clubs folders. As with all of the material posted on this blog, these items are available for the public to view in the library. If you're interested in doing so, email or call ahead to schedule an appointment!



Westchester County Federation of Women's Clubs–A photograph from the 1955 Beaux Arts program, published in connection with the Westchester County Arts Project which held a show at the Hotel Gramatan in Bronxville.


Central Westchester Humane Society–Fall 1983 newsletter featuring Daphne, “a goddess of love and compassion.”















Westchester Coalition for Legal Abortion–The front page of their Autumn 1964 newsletter, ProChoice.


Westchester County Pilots' Association–The results of a 1978 survey taken to determine how members felt about the state of Westchester County Airport.














Westchester People's Action Coalition–The front page of WESPAC's Spring 1986 newsletter.


Rangers and Rangerettes–Fundraising materials mailed during their 20th anniversary year, 1954.












The featured image in the upper left is also from the Rangers and Rangerettes.


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