The White Plains Collections contains many fascinating and informative photographs of buildings, people, events, and landscapes. While there are some photographs included in our general collection, many are part of special collections like the John Rosch Collection or Peter Kanze Collection. For help finding photographs of specific buildings, locations, or people, contact the Librarian for White Plains History.

John Rosch Collection:
Rosch owned a photography studio in White Plains and was the first City Historian. This collection contains photographs attributable to him as well as photographs he collected or reprinted. Coverage is generally from the 1870s to the mid-1940s. The condition and format of the photographs varies widely. A finding aid for this collection is available upon request.

Peter Kanze Collection:
Kanze donated hundreds of photographs of the City of White Plains covering the years 1952-1976. The photographs in this collection are in JPEG format. Contact the Librarian for White Plains History to conduct searches in this collection.