Technology Sessions for Teens

Every Thursday at 4:00 p.m. in the Edge, teens can learn a variety of skills relating to digital technology, from music creation to 3D printing and design. Known as “T(h)ech Thursdays,” the goal is to learn computer science concepts, promote creative thinking, and allow teenagers to use technologically-advanced equipment.

For computer science learning in T(h)ech Thursdays, a variety of tools and applications are available to the teens. To learn coding, for example, block-based educational apps such as Scratch and Alice 2 are used, as well as more advanced, design-based applications using professional programming techniques, such as Processing.

There are a variety of digital applications and tools available that allow teens to design unique creations, and they are utilized during T(h)ech Thursdays. For example, with TinkerCAD, teens are able to create 3D models with no prior design experience. Afterward, software is used to transform a teen’s digitally-created model into a physical object by the power of 3D printing.

The Edge Media Lab, where T(h)ech Thursdays are held, is home to a variety of digitally-advanced technological tools and equipment. Teens have access to musical instruments, virtual reality headsets, robotics accessories, codable microcontrollers, and more. In addition, there are laptops that can be set up in an LAN (Local Area Network) and teens can participate in online games in the same virtual environment.

T(h)ech Thursdays happen every Thursday in the Edge at 4:00 p.m. It is a fun way for teens in White Plains to learn something new and have fun with peers. No registration is required. Visit our teen calendar for a full listing of topics covered each Thursday.

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    • kthornton

      As long as he is between the grades 7-12 he is welcome to join, regardless of if he is a White Plains resident or not. There’s no registration, so he can just drop in to the sessions he wishes to attend. They’re held on Thursdays at 4:00 p.m.

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