Reading Around the World: Irish Culture

With Tata's “Reading Around the World” book picks, younger patrons and their families will enjoy reading about the different cultural celebrations around the world. Easy holiday Picture Books and easy Folklore stories will introduce young readers to the world outside the U.S. Simply click on a title or cover to place it on hold.

Irish lore and traditions are cherished by all. The contributions of our Irish immigrants have carved a path into our very identity. Enjoy these titles full of wit, humor and tradition. And may we all enjoy the luck of the Irish!


The Leprechaun Under the Bed, by Teresa Bateman
“Seam McDonald inadvertently builds his house over leprechaun Brian O’Shea’s home. Though Brian tries to scare Sean away at first, the two eventually reach an unspoken agreement. When hard times hit, Brian shares his gold with Sean, and the two work together to thwart a robbery.”—Horn Book

Jamie O'Rourke and the Pooka, by Tomie DePaola
“The laziest man in Ireland, has the perfect plan for keeping his cottage tidy while his wife is away — he’ll simply stay in bed and get up only to eat. When his pals arrive with a jug of cider and hearty appetites, Jamie finds himself with a messy cottage and the exhausting prospect of cleaning up.”—School Library Journal


The Ring of Truth: an Original Irish Tale, by Teresa Bateman
“The story of an Irish peddler who boasts he can “spot better blarney than the king of the leprechauns”. Tricked by the leprechauns, Patrick the peddler must wear the emerald ring of truth for the rest of his days.”—Horn Book

Jamie O'Rourke and the Big Potato: an Irish Folktale, by Tomie DePaola
“Adapted from an unspecified folktale, the story follows the adventures of Jamie O’Rourke, “the laziest man in all of Ireland” and his long-suffering wife, Eileen.”—School Library Journal

A Pot O’Gold: a Treasury of Irish Stories, Poetry, Folklore, and (of course) Blarney, by Kathleen Krull and David McPhail
“Krull’s broad selection, from classic myth to classic poem to silly limerick, pays tribute to Ireland’s rich literary history, while McPhail’s lovely, jewel-toned watercolors of both landscape and hearthside evoke the beauty of the Emerald Isle. Brief informative notes give historical perspective to many of the entries.”—Horn Book

Brave Margaret: an Irish Adventure, by Robert D. San Souci
“A quintessential hero tale with a feminist twist. Beautiful and courageous Margaret meets a handsome prince, Simon, and joins his seafaring crew.”—School Library Journal

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