Pandemic Paraphernalia Photos

Calling all photographers — professional and amateur — of all ages: to celebrate National Photography Day on June 15th, we’re asking for your submissions and have provided prompts for you below. Photographs submitted will be shared in our weekly newsletters (adult submissions in This Week on Martine and kids and teen submissions in What’s the Story?), and they will be added to our Documenting COVID-19: White Plains Experiences collection. So please, take a look at our prompts, or get creative and submit your photos below.


  • Empty White Plains streets
  • COVID cleaning supplies
  • Work from home work area
  • Home Schooling work area
  • Show us your masks
  • Meals you’ve made/baking projects
  • Community service and volunteer work (exs. Food or Book Distribution)
  • Essential workers at work
  • Celebrating Essential Workers


  • Please upload your photo(s) using the submission form here.
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