COVID-19 Mindfulness Book for Children

As our region progresses through the phases of reopening, many parents are beginning to bring our children out into a very different world. A friend, Mandy Facchin, described the stresses of observing new COVID-19 regulations with her two-year-old at a recent pediatrician visit. Mandy, who holds a Master’s degree in education, created a printable book to help her daughter become more comfortable in a mask-wearing world.

Each page of the book features a wellness-related affirmation statement and a space for children to add their own illustrations. The affirmations are lovely, a wonderful way for children to practice mindfulness during this anxious time. When I saw the book, I knew my four-year-old would benefit from engaging with these prompts. In hopes that other families would find the book helpful, Mandy offered to share it as a free download through the library website.

As Mandy says in her Note to Parents at the beginning of the book, “In a world where everyone seems focused on sickness… I simply wanted to remind ourselves that we are healthy and well and blessed. It's important to stay positive and look for the light in dark times.”

For more on COVID-19 parenting, check out these resources for helping children manage COVID-19 stress, and these tips for actually getting your child to wear a mask.


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