Father’s Day Book Display

Father's Day in the United States is on the third Sunday of June. It celebrates the contribution that fathers and father figures make to their children's lives.

Song and Dance Man, by Karen Ackerman (Available as eBook on OverDrive)
Thunder Boy Jr., by Sherman Alexie (Available as Audiobook on OverDrive & Hoopla)
Pet Dad, by Elanna Allen (Available as eBook on OverDrive)
My Daddy is a Pretzel, by Baron Baptiste (Available as eBook on Hoopla)
Papa Weasel, by Teresa Bateman (Available as eBook on Hoopla)
Knock, Knock, by Daniel Beaty (Available as eBook on OverDrive)
Do as Daddy Does, by Melanie Beaudoin & Yves Beaudoin (Available as eBook on Hoopla)
The Berenstain Bears and the Papa’s Day Surprise, by Stan Berenstain (Available as eBook on OverDrive)
Papa is a Poet, by Natalie S. Bober (Available as Audiobook on Hoopla)
Papa’s Backpack, by James Christopher Carroll (Available as eBook on Hoopla)
Time Together: Me and Dad, by Maria Catherine (Available as eBook on OverDrive)
Hair Love, by Matthew A. Cherry (Available as eBook & Audiobook on OverDrive, as Audiobook on Hoopla)
Ramona and Her Father, by Beverly Cleary (Available as eBook & Audiobook on OverDrive & as eBook & Audiobook on Hoopla)
Cooking with Daddy, by Sallie M. Daniels (Available as eBook on Hoopla)
A Long Pitch Home, Natalie Dias Lorenzi (Available as eBook on OverDrive)
Napping with Daddy, by Tim Dickerson & Amy Barnes (Available as eBook on Hoopla)
Best Dad in the Sea, by RH Disney (Available as eBook on OverDrive)
Mitchell Goes Bowling, by Hallie Durand & Tony Fucile (Available as eBook on OverDrive)
My Daddy, by Eone (Available as eBook on OverDrive)
I Love You, Daddy, by Edie Evans (Available as eBook on OverDrive)
Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada, by Jimmy Fallon (Available as eBook on OverDrive)
Daddy Loves You!, by Helen Foster James & Petra Brown (Available as eBook on Hoopla)
The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish, by Neil Gaiman (Available as Audiobook on Hoopla)
Yo Soy Muslim; a Father’s Letter to His Daughter, by Mark Gonzalez (Available as eBook on OverDrive)
Daddy Dreams, by Anne Gutman (Available as eBook on Hoopla)
My Two Dads, by Claudia Harrington (Available as eBook on OverDrive & as eBook on Hoopla)
What Do I Tell People?, by Lisa Jackson (Available as eBook on Hoopla)
Aprendo de papá / I Learn From My Dad, by Joyce Jeffries (Available as eBook on OverDrive)
Going Down Home with Daddy, by Andy T. Jones (Available as eBook & Video on OverDrive & as Audiobook on Hoopla)
Papa, Do You Love Me?, by Barbara M. Joose (Available as eBook on Hoopla)
My Two Dads and Me, by Michael Joosten (Available as eBook on OverDrive)
Baby Blessings, by Deloris Jordan. (Available as eBook on OverDrive)
Missing Daddy, by Marianne Kaba (Available as eBook on Hoopla)
Always Daddy’s Princess, by Karen Kingsbury (Available as eBook on Hoopla)
¡Feliz día del padre! / Happy Father’s Day!, by Ada Kinney (Available as eBook on OverDrive)
Happy Father’s Day, by Ada Kinney (Available as eBook on OverDrive)
My Dad Can Do Anything, by Stephen Krensky (Available as eBook on OverDrive)
Daddy Loves You, by Mark Lazar (Available as eBook on Hoopla)
El mejor es mi papá, by Georgina Lázaro León (Available as eBook on OverDrive)
Drawn Together, by Mihn Lê & Dan Santat (Available as eBook on OverDrive)
Just Like Daddy, by Christine L’Heureaux (Available as eBook on Hoopla)
Papasaurus, by Stephan Lomp (Available as eBook on OverDrive)
The Adventures of Wrong Man & Power Girl, by C. Alexander London (Available as eBook on OverDrive)
Katie Woo: Daddy Can’t Dance, by Fran Manushkin & Tammi Lyon (Available as eBook on OverDrive)
Hooray for Daddy, by Beatrice Masini (Available as eBook on Hoopla)
Hey Grandude!, by Paul McCartney (Available as eBook on OverDrive)
Daddy’s Macaroni, by Len Mormino (Available as eBook on Hoopla)
My Dad is the Best Playground, by Luciana Navarro Powell (Available as eBook on OverDrive)
To Baby, From Daddy: a Love Letter From a Father to a Daughter, by Steve Nguyen (Available as eBook on OverDrive)
Because I am Your Daddy, by Sherry North (Available as eBook on Hoopla)
Of Thee I Sing, by Barack Obama (Available as eBook & Audiobook on OverDrive)
I Love Daddy Every Day, by Isabel Otter (Available as eBook on OverDrive)
JoJo and Daddy Bake a Cake, by Jane O’Connor & Robin Preiss Glasses (Available as eBook on Hoopla)
The Best Man, by Richard Peck (Available as eBook on OverDrive)
Mi Papi tiene una moto, by Isabel Quintero (Available as eBook on OverDrive, as Audiobook & Movie on Hoopla)
My Papi Has a Motorcycle, by Isabel Quintero (Available as Audiobook & eBook on OverDrive, & as Audiobook & Movie on Hoopla)
How to Babysit a Grandpa, by Jean Reagan (Available as eBook & as “Read & Listen” on OverDrive)
How to Surprise a Dad, by Jean Reagan (Available as “Read & Listen” on OverDrive)
Baseball on Mars / Béisbol en Marte, by Rafael Rivera Jr. (Available as eBook on OverDrive)
Swim that Rock, by John Rocco (Available as eBook on OverDrive)
You Made Me a Dad, by Laurenne Sala (Available as eBook on OverDrive)
Grandfather’s Journey, by Allen Say (Available as eBook & Read-Aloud on OverDrive & as eBook, Audiobook, & Movie on Hoopla)
Stella Brings the Family, by Miriam B. Schiffer (Available as eBook & Read-Along on OverDrive and as eBook on Hoopla)
Splat the Cat Makes Dad Glad, by Rob Scotton (Available as Audiobook & as eBook on Hoopla)
It’s the Best Day Ever, Dad!, by Brooke Shields (Available as Audiobook on OverDrive and Audiobook on Hoopla)
Say Daddy!, by Michael Shoulders (Available as eBook on Hoopla)
Pop Pop and Me and a Recipe, by Irene Smalls & Cathy Ann Johnson (Available as eBook on OverDrive & as eBook on Hoopla)
My Daddy Rules the World, by Hope Anita Smith (Available as eBook on OverDrive)
Dad by My Side, by Soosh (Available as eBook on OverDrive)
Daddy Hugs, by Nancy Tafuri (Available as eBook on OverDrive)
I Love You, Dad, by Maggie Testa (Available as eBook on OverDrive)
Good, Good Father, by Chris Tomlin & Pat Barrett (Available as eBook and as Audiobook on Hoopla)
Papa’s Pastries, by Charles Toscano (Available as eBook on Hoopla)
Bad Dad, by David Walliams (Available as eBook on OverDrive and as Audiobook on Hoopla)
The Night Before Father’s Day, by Natasha Wing (Available as eBook on OverDrive)
Dad’s First Day, by Mike Wohnoutka (Available as eBook on OverDrive)
Brick by Brick, by Heidi Woodward Sheffield (Available as eBook on OverDrive)
Hot, Hot Roti for Dada-Ji, by F. Zia & Ken Min (Available as eBook on OverDrive)



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