Summer Reading Game Kick Off

The Library’s annual Summer Reading game starts today, Monday, July 6 and will run through Friday, August 14! Due to the impact of COVID-19 on services, the Summer Reading Game will be completely online this year via the READsquared platform, the READsquared website, or the READsquared app, available for iOS and Android.

Get Started!
Register and login to READsquared. Individual youth participants can register as themselves, or parents and caregivers can register all of their children at one time. This allows for the adult to also log reading and activities. Once registered, choose and join the appropriate Summer Reading Game based on the grade the participant is entering in the Fall.

Then, start logging! Each minute read equals one point. Each mission completed and virtual program attended (from the list of included programs) equals 50 points! 1000 points completes the program and enters the participant into the prize raffle for their Game.


  • Pre-K Summer Reading Game: Family fun gift baskets with games, toys and activities.
  • Grades K-6 Summer Reading Game: “Back to School” backpacks for each grade with school supplies and fun stuff.
  • Teens Grades 7-12 Summer Reading Game: a Kindle Fire tablet.

Need a Book Recommendation?
Books in our Suggested Reads by Grade Level collection can be found on our Reading Lists page, featuring a great selection of diverse, inclusive, and downright awesome reads. Most titles are available in eformats, but you can also request physical copies via the Library’s Curbside Pickup Service. Only the High School, Honors, and AP courses have required titles this summer, so find some books you like and read, read, read!

More Than Just Reading
Summer is more than just reading, we know. It’s also about enjoying the wide variety of fun and educational programs the Library is known for. Just because we can’t hold them in the Library this summer, doesn’t mean we aren’t committed to providing them to you! Check out our impressive lineup of programs and events all summer long.

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