Grab&Go: Tripod Catapult

STEAM Monday has been phased into Grab ‘n Go Craft Kits! Instead of finding material around your home, you can pick those materials up from the Library, then follow along with an instructional video for making a project. Our first project is a Tripod Catapult. You can pick up the materials with instructions from the Library and use the video to follow along. Or you can find the materials around your home and follow the video to make the project.

How Is This Working?
The most important part of a catapult is it’s base. For this catapult we made a tripod. Why do you think a tripod is so effective? Triangles! Triangles are great for structural support, just look at a bridge. Our three triangles create a strong base for the catapult, without the base it won’t work. The actual catapult part is simple after the base is made. The rubber band creates tension to launch the projectile.

What Can You Do Differently?
Can you make this larger or smaller? What effect would this have? What about a longer arm? How would that affect the catapult? Would this affect the tripod base? What do you think would happen if you used a heavier projectile? Would it fly farther or shorter?

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