Grab & Go STEAM Kit: Magic Ice

White Plains Public Library’s Grab & Go STEAM kits are a great way to unplug and be creative while learning about a STEAM concept. Youth Services Librarian Caroline Reddy has put together a fun STEAM activity for Grades 4-8 that allows you to experiment with the freezing temperature of water. In the past, Caroline has used ice and salt to make her own ice cream as a summer STEAM project. For the winter, you can try creating this “magic” ice and amaze your family. This kit will be available for pickup outside the Library's main doors on Monday, January 25.

Magic ice is a fun and easy experiment to conduct. The kit for this experiment contains a cup and colored thread. You will also need cold water, salt, and ice.

First, fill the cup with cold water. Place a few ice cubes in the cup, then place the thread across an ice cube. Spread a teaspoon of salt across the thread and wait for a minute. Afterwards you should be able to pick up the piece of ice and dangle it in the air as if it’s a magical gem!

For a fun challenge try different sizes of ice, thread, and food coloring (if you have it) to make colored ice cubes.

In the book Kitchen Science Lab for Kids, by Liz Lee Heinecke, the author explains the science behind the fun. Normally, ice melts and water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Adding salt lowers the temperature where ice melts and water freezes. Fun fact: did you know that different chemicals can change the freezing point of water?

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