The Importance of Wordless Books

“Wordless picture books are often quickly dismissed as being too easy. But they are a powerful tool in developing literacy skills. Understanding books without words involves interpreting the illustrations as there is no text to rely on. This promotes comprehension, vocabulary, and listening skills and an understanding of story structure and character development.”–Children's Library Lady

Return, by Aaaron Becker
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A father and daughter duo embark on a great adventure.

Spot the Cat, by Henry Cole
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An open window is Spot’s opportunity to experience a day full of adventures.

Unspoken: a Story From the Underground Railroad, by Henry Cole
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A little girl finds a runaway slave in her family’s barn. What she does next can change a life or two.

Draw!, by Raúl Colón
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A boy travels to Africa from the confines of his bed with a pencil and his imagination.

The Farmer and the Clown, by Marla Frazee
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A clown falls from a circus train and a farmer takes care of him. What will the clown do when the train comes back?

Field Trip to the Moon, by John Hare
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Which adventures await a child when the school takes a trip to the moon but leaves a student behind?

The Fisherman and the Whale, by Jessica Lanan
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A fisherman and his son encounter a whale entangled at sea. Will the father risk his life to save the whale?

Sidewalk Flowers, by JonArno Lawson
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An attentive girl and her distracted father go for a walk. Along the way, she finds flowers in the sidewalk cracks and by sharing them, brings color to their world.

Rainstorm, by Barbara Lehman
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On a rainy day, a boy discovers a key that opens a trunk which is really a passage to friendship and adventure.

Float, by Daniel Miyares
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On a rainy day, a boy makes a paper boat and follows it to the bitter end. Or is it?

Bow-Wow Bugs a Bug, by Mark Newgarden
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A bug is bugging Bow-Wow and he is determined to deal with it. But will Bow-Wow be able to finish what he starts?

Hunters of the Great Forest, by Dennis Nolan
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Members of a community leave the safety of the known to venture into the unknown, risking their lives to bring home a delicious treat to their community in the process.

Where’s Walrus?: and Penguin?, by Stephen Savage
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Walrus and Penguin enjoy a day full of fun and adventure in the city.

Bluebird, by Bob Staake
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A little bluebird and a shy boy become friends.

Chalk, by Bill Thomson
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A trio of friends find chalk on a rainy day and decide to create the day they really want, with unexpected consequences.

You Can’t Take a Balloon Into the Metropolitan Museum, by Jacqueline Preiss Weitzman
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When a girl and her grandma go to the Museum and try to bring a balloon inside, they have no idea the balloon will end up having the time of its life all by itself.

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