Teen Book Review: American Panda

Title: American Panda
Author: Gloria Chao
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
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Gloria Chao’s romance novel American Panda is about a seventeen year old girl named Mei Lu who is leading up to her parents expectations in life. Mei Lu goes to college even though she should be in high school but, she skipped fourth grade. Mei’s parents already had their plan set for her and it was to become a doctor, marry someone who’s Taiwanese and produce babies. The problem was that Mei dislikes germs, falls asleep in her classes, and likes a guy who is not Taiwanese. Mei doesn’t know what to do so she tries to get in contact with her older brother Xing. Xing is in the same situation, dating a woman who’s not Taiwanese, but is not in contact with the family. Mei thinks whether if hiding all of this information is a good idea or will she have to say it before anything bad happens. I recommend this romance novel because while reading you’ll want to know how the parents are going to react. Will the parents allow Mei dating someone who’s not Taiwanese or will they not? You will have to read the novel in order to find out the answer.

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