Native American Stories

In November we honor the peoples who have lived here before European colonization. Their presence continues to be felt and seen everywhere. From teaching the pilgrims how to survive those first bitter Northeastern winters, to the underappreciated part they played on the Underground Railroad, to the Code Talkers who helped us win World War II, there is a lot about them we still do not know. As we continue to know their stories, to share their wisdom, and learn from each other, we can take a moment to enjoy the titles below.

You can also visit the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian here, or the National Geographic for Kids special section on Native Americans here.

Thunder boy jr., by Sherman Alexie (Library Collection / OverDrive & Libby)

The Deetkatoo: Native American stories about little people, by John Bierhorst (Library Collection)

The girl who helped thunder and other Native American folktales, by James & Joseph Bruchac (Library Collection)

Rez dogs, by Joseph Bruchac (Library Collection)

Trail of Tears, by Joseph Bruchac (Library Collection / OverDrive & Libby)

We all play = Kimêtawânaw, by Julie Flett (Library Collection / OverDrive & Libby)

How Chipmunk got tiny feet: Native American animal origin stories, by Gerald Hausman (Library Collection)

Awâsi and the world-famous bannock, by Dallas Hunt (Library Collection / OverDrive & Libby)

Sweetest Kulu, by Celina Kalluk (Library Collection / OverDrive & Libby)

The most amazing bird, by Michael A. Kusugak (Library Collection / OverDrive & Libby)

We are water protectors, by Carole Lindstrom (Library Collection / OverDrive & Libby)

Fry bread: a Native American family story, by Kevin Noble Maillard (Library Collection / OverDrive & Libby)

Zonia’s Rain Forest, by Juana Martinez-Neal (Library Collection / OverDrive & Libby)

They dance in the sky: Native American star myths, by Jean Guard Monroe (Library Collection)

The used-to-be best friend, by Dawn Quigley (Library Collection / OverDrive & Libby)

On the trapline, by David Robertson (Library Collection / OverDrive & Libby)

When we were alone, by David Robertson (Library Collection / OverDrive & Libby)

The bone man: a Native American Modoc tale, by Laura Simms (Library Collection)

Ancestors Approved: Intertribal Stories for Kids, by Cynthia Leitich Smith (Library Collection: Print & CD Audiobook / OverDrive & Libby)

My heart fills with happiness, by Monique Gray Smith (Library Collection / OverDrive & Libby)

We are grateful: Otsaliheliga, by Traci Sorell (Library Collection / OverDrive & Libby: eBook & Readalong)

Giving thanks: a Native American good morning message, by Chief Jake Swamp (Library Collection / OverDrive & Libby)

All the stars in the sky: Native stories from the heavens, by C.J. Taylor (OverDrive & Libby)

Crossing Bok Chitto, by Tim Tingle (Library Collection)

Night dancer: mythical piper of the Native American Southwest, by Marcia Vaughan (Library Collection)

Phyllis’s Orange Shirt, by Phyllis Webstad (Library Collection)

On the trail made of dawn: Native American creation stories, by M. L. Webster (Library Collection)

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