Harriet Tubman Grab & Go Kit

To celebrate Harriet Tubman’s statue coming to White Plains we have a special Grab & Go kit for teens! We have a coloring page showing Harriet Tubman’s fierce determination in leading enslaved people to freedom using the north star, Polaris. This kit comes with materials to light up her lantern and Polaris with LED lights. Students will use copper tape, batteries and LEDs to create an electrical circuit that will light up this coloring page.

These kits will be available starting Monday, May 16th as Grab & Go kits you can pick up in the lobby of the Library and in the Edge where you can work on these with your friends using Library supplies.

Each kit contains a coloring page on thick paper, copper tape, LED lights, binder clip, and a coin cell battery. On the back of each page is a guide for creating a circuit to light up the LEDs.

Watch this video to see how Librarian Carlson creates the circuit:

The supplies for this kit was made possible thanks to a generous donation from Con Edison to the White Plains Library Foundation.

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