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Peculiar Picks are a selection of odd, funny, interesting, curious, moving, irreverent, and otherwise wonderfully awesome, but perhaps not well known, reads. Peculiar Picks are books for younger readers and their grown-ups, handpicked by the Library's Youth Services Manager, Joshua Carlson.

I loved The Addams Family as a kid, the original TV show and the 90s movies (ok, I admit, I still love them now). Just the mention of The Addams Family also immediately brings to mind the original show’s infectious theme song: “dada duh dum snap snap dada duh dum snap snap they’re creepy and they’re kooky, The Addams Family, snap snap.” Here’s some great creepy and kooky reads, if you, like me, are fans of the mysterious and spooky and altogether ooky.

The Liszts by Kyo Maclear, illustrated by Júlia Sarda Lucy Ruth Cummins
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A creepily unusual family, The Lizsts live an ordered, if macabre, life of making lists. And lists. And more lists. Then, an unexpected visitor arrives and shakes up their organized list-filled lives. The artwork and the overall strange family vibe is a great match for The Addams Family.

Vampirina Ballerina series by Anne Marie Pace, illustrated by LeUyen Pham
Vampirina Ballerina Libby / hoopla / Library Catalog
Vampirina Ballerina Hosts a Sleepover Libby / hoopla / Library Catalog
Vampirina at the Beach Libby / hoopla / Library Catalog
Vampirina in the Snow Libby / hoopla / Library Catalog
Perhaps nothing else is as wonderfully perfect to recommend for fans of The Addams Family as the Vampirina books. Featuring the same kind of kooky family (though in fact more monstrous, like The Munsters), the vibe is definitely The Addams. Full of supernatural weirdness, humor, family love, and just so much heart, combined with Pham’s amazing illustrations, the original Vampirina series (as opposed to those based on the Disney show) are just some of my favorite picture books. I also wrote about the Vampirina series here.

The Graves Family by Patricia Polacco
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The Graves Family Goes Camping by Patricia Polacco
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That Patricia Polacco drew inspiration from The Addams Family and The Munsters is easy to see in these silly family stories about differences and acceptance.

How to Make Friends with a Ghost by Rebecca Green
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I imagine Wednesday has a few ghosts for friends, or even as relatives. This cutely creepily illustrated book provides a user manual for befriending a ghost throughout your life, and in a macabre twist, your afterlife.

The Addams Family, music and lyrics by Vic Mizzy, illustrated by Lissy Marlin
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Based on the look of the recent animated films, this picture book presents a look into the Addams’ home while the text presents the classic TV theme song lyrics.

Finally, why not check out some of The Addams Family TV shows and movies?

The Addams Family (tv show, 1964-1966) DVD Vol. 1 / DVD Vol. 2 / DVD Vol. 3 / The Complete Series DVD Pack
The Addams Family Animated Series (tv show, 1973-1975) DVD
The Addams Family (film, 1991) DVD
The Addams Family Values (flim, 1993) DVD
The Addams Family + The Addams Family Values DVD Combo Pack
The Addams Family (film, 2019) Blu Ray / DVD / Blu Ray + DVD Combo Pack
The Addams Family 2 (film, 2021) DVD / Blu Ray + DVD Combo Pack
The Addams Family + The Addams Family 2 DVD Combo Pack

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