P is for PLANET

Climate change is a direct threat to a child’s ability to survive, grow, and thrive. As extreme weather events such as cyclones and heat waves increase in frequency and ferocity, they threaten children’s lives and destroy infrastructure critical to their well-being. Floods compromise water and sanitation facilities, leading to diseases such as cholera, to which children are particularly vulnerable. This is the first time a global generation of children will grow up in a world made far more dangerous and uncertain as a result of a changing climate and degraded environment. Addressing climate change and mitigating its impact is imperative to protect the world’s children and fulfill their rights.

Saving our planet: a lift-the-flap book about being green, by Mandy Archer. (Library Catalog)
Brains on! presents …Earth friend forever, by Molly Bloom. (Library Catalog)
Save energy, Bert and Ernie!, by Jennifer Boothroyd. (Library Catalog / hoopla)
If you take away the otter, by Susannah Buhrman-Deever. (Library Catalog)
E is for environment: the ABCs of conservation, by Lucy Curran. (Library Catalog)
Little turtle and the changing sea, by Becky Davies. (Library Catalog)
The truth about elephants, by Maxwell Eaton. (Library Catalog / Libby)
ABC Earth-friendly me, by Christiane Engel. (Library Catalog / hoopla)
The ocean in your bathtub, by Seth Fishman. (Library Catalog)
No more plastic, by Alma Fullerton. (Library Catalog)
The tantrum that saved the world, by Megan Herbert. (Library Catalog / Libby)
Stand up! Speak up! : a story inspired by the Climate Change Revolution, by Andrew Joyner. (Library Catalog / Libby)
La vida del agua/Water Cycles, by Dorling Kindersley Ltd. (Library Catalog)
The mess that we made, by Michelle Lord. (Library Catalog / hoopla 1 / hoopla 2)
Clem and Crab, by Fiona Lumbers. (Library Catalog / hoopla)
Our planet!: there’s no place like Earth, by Stacy McAnulty. (Library Catalog)
Ducks overboard!: a true story of plastic in our oceans, by Markus Motum. (Library Catalog)
Ocean soup: a recipe for you, me and a cleaner sea, by Meeg Pincus. (Library Catalog / hoopla)
Mermaid Kenzie: protector of the deeps, by Charlotte Watson Sherman. (Library Catalog)
The global ocean, by Rochelle Strauss. (Library Catalog / hoopla)
The tale of the whale, by Karen Swann. (Library Catalog)
If elephants disappeared, by Lily Williams. (Library Catalog)
Our house is on fire: Greta Thunberg’s call to save the planet, by Jeanette Winter. (Library Catalog / Libby)
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