STEAMy Summer Days for Gr. 6-12, M-Th through 8/4

Attend one or all of our STEAM activities for grades 6-12 this summer! No registration is required, pop-in anytime during the program to participate.  See below for each week's activities.

July 25-28, 1:00-4:00 pm: Coding Using p5.js, with Yiping Dong
Day 1: Do an instructional drawing (making a image a partner described)
Day 2: Make a fun random face generator
Day 3: Make a clock or something creative with the time reading functions
Day 4: Make a pong game
August 1-4, 1:00-4:00 pm, 3D Design & Printing Projects with Elijah Lederman
Day 1: Keychain/Jewelry Design
Day 2: Dream House Design (or recreate a famous landmark)
Day 3: Vehicle Design (Real or Fantasy/Sci-Fi!)
Day 4: Replica Project (Recreate a prop from a book, movie, video game, comic, etc.)
These programs are made possible with support from Con Edison and the White Plains Library Foundation



July 5-8, 1:00-3:00 pm: Science Programs with Stephen Soltish from 4H of Westchester
Day 1: Microplastics. Students try to filter microplastic beads from water and figure out what technology is needed to do that
Day 2: Turn Milk into Plastic. Students create casein plastic using food ingredients and mold it into a usable shape
Day 3: Strawberry DNA Extraction. Students mash strawberries to release their DNA and use simple chemistry to see the results
Day 4: Hügelkultur. Students learn the German technique of mound gardening and build one on a plantable, miniature Scale

July 11-14, 1:00-3:00 pm: Photography, Art, and Computer Science, with Mustafa Ajmal
Day 1: Intro to Photography. We will study photography, how cameras work, famous photographers, and what makes a good photo
Day 2: Ancient Art, we will learn about ancient art throughout various civilizations and what techniques they used to make their art
Day 3: Intro to Web Development, we will learn how to create websites and code in HTML and CSS
Day 4: Introduction to Computer Hardware and Computer History which would explain how computers work, how to build one, and different types of computers since its invention

July 18-21, 1:00-4:00 pm: Intro to Electronics with Jay Rodrigo
Day 1: Basic introduction to the principles of circuits, and the components
Day 2: Students start designing their own circuits using the 555 timer
Day 3: Designing a robot and understanding how pulses and triggers can be used to maneuver servos
Day 4: Robot completion day. I will be answering any questions from the previous sessions

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