Peruvian Consulate on Wheels

Saturday, June 10th
9:00–2:00 p.m.

Peruvian Consulate on Wheels
We provide the following consular services, only by appointment.

DNI and PASSPORTS: Appointments can be booked on our online appointment system at: Please review the requirements before choosing your appointment time. You will receive an automatic confirmation email.
PUBLIC DEEDS: (powers by public deed) you must request your appointment and coordinate the corresponding attention to the email:
NOTARY PROCEDURES: (powers off registration, legalizations, survival certificates): you must request your appointment by e-mail:


Only the holders of the consular procedure will be allowed to enter, at the time of their appointment. The entry of companions will not be admitted.

Passports and DNI may be collected between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., please bring your receipt.

To verify that the document is already in the consulate, please visit:

Make your appointment by visiting:

DNI y PASAPORTES: Verificar los requisitos y solicitar su cita en:
ESCRITURAS PÚBLICAS: Deben coordinar la atención correspondiente y solicitar su cita al correo electrónico:
TRÁMITES NOTARIALES: (poderes fuera de registro, le-galizaciones, certificados de supervivencia): deben solici-tar su cita al correo electrónico:

Tener en cuenta:

Sólo podrán ingresar los titulares del trámite consular, no se admitirán acompañantes.

Recojo de pasaportes y DNI, sin cita, de 09.00am a 2.00pm, con el respectivo recibo.
Para verificar que el documento ya se encuentra en el consulado, por favor ingresar a:Reserva tu cita ingresando a:

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