Policy: Exhibits and Displays

The Library uses exhibit cases and bulletin boards in the Adult Services and Children’s departments for displays of local artwork and collections of unique, interesting, or historically significant items.

All local residents, organizations, collectors and amateur artists are invited to come forward and apply for consideration. Exhibits may consist of the work of an individual or a group. Preference is given to applicants from White Plains.

Inquiries should be made to the Head of Public Services (422-1488) for referral to appropriate library staff.

All prospective exhibitors must submit samples for review by date specified.

Exhibits and displays are selected on the basis of:

  • general interest and wide appeal
  • timeliness
  • cultural diversity
  • artistic, historic, or social merit.

Items of high value or extreme delicacy are generally not selected.

Displays are generally scheduled to remain in the Library for a calendar month.

Exhibitors agree to:

  • Complete and submit insurance forms provided by the Library by the required date;
  • Provide information describing the display for publicity purposes;
  • Set up and remove items on dates scheduled.

The Museum Gallery on the second floor of the Library is used exclusively for professional art exhibitions. These are installed on a quarterly basis in collaboration with organizations such as the Westchester Arts Council, Westchester Historical Society, area museums or individual artists of note.



  • Gives application, exhibits policy, and written measurements of space available to prospective exhibitor. Shows display cases.
  • Requests sample(s) from exhibitor and reviews within specific time frame.
  • Schedules display and arranges for listing on Library calendar.
  • Sends letter of confirmation to exhibitor along with exhibits policy and insurance and publicity forms. Retains copy of letter in files.
  • Provides Public Relations Coordinator with details of exhibit, including information useful in publicizing.
  • Gives completed insurance form to Business Manager.
  • Follows up with exhibitor. Contacts a week or so in advance of set up date to confirm arrival date and set up time.
  • Notifies Maintenance staff if cases or boards need to be moved.
  • Notifies reference desk staff of exhibitor’s arrival date and time if their attention or assistance is necessary.
  • Reminds exhibitor, if necessary, of removal date.
  • Writes thank you letter to exhibitor.

Revised &Adopted by the White Plains Library Board of Trustees on: 4/19/00

PDF Version: Exhibits_and_Displays.pdf