Policy: Trustee Recruitment

This policy is designed to aid in the identification of qualified candidates for White Plains Library Board of Trustees. First and foremost, it recognizes that the White Plains Common Council makes all appointments to the Board.

The purpose of this policy is to clarify how the WPPL Board can assist the City in assuring both continuity and change in the Board, consistent with providing the best possible library service to the City of White Plains.

The responsibilities of individual Board members in trustee recruitment include:

  • Helping the Board to plan effectively for changes in its membership.
  • Advising the Board President well in advance of term expiration, of desire to stay on or leave the Board.
  • Bringing to the attention of the Board any local resident who seems particularly qualified to serve.

The responsibilities of the WPPL Board of Trustees, under its President, are to:

  • Communicate the qualifications of an ideal Board and the ideal trustee to the City.
  • Keep the City posted on Board composition, upcoming vacancies and needs in relation to community and Board demographics.
  • Identify prospective qualified candidates for Board membership, and advise same that the Board has no authority inmaking appointments.
  • Recommend to interested candidates that they apply directly to the City for consideration.
  • Follow up personally with prospective candidates after any Common Council appointments or re-appointments.

Characteristics of an ideal WPPL Board
An ideal WPPL Board should be well balance in its composition–with a blend of skills, age, sex, ethnic backgrounds, and income levels. Ideally, it should mirror the demographics of the City of White Plains. All trustees should be involved with and committed to the Library.

Characteristics of an ideal WPPL trustee
An ideal WPPL trustee is one who:

  • Is a resident of White Plains and a WPPL user.
  • Is interested in the library, the community and the Library’s relationship to the community.
  • Is able to get involved and make a contribution.
  • Has demonstrated community involvement and leadership capabilities or potential.
  • Fits the composition needs of the Board in skills, experience and competence.
  • Helps the Board match the demographics of the community.
  • Has an open mind, intellectual curiosity, and respect for the opinions of others.
  • Can work well with other Board members, the Library Director and staff members, and groups within the community.
  • Can take the initiative to establish policies for the successful operation of the Library and impartial service to all its patrons.
  • Will plan creatively, carry out plans effectively, and withstand pressures, prejudices, and provincialism.
  • Can envision continuing Library development, including internal improvement and external expansion.
  • Is devoted to the Library, its welfare, and its progress.

Adopted by the White Plains Library Board of Trustees on: 12/19/91, rev. 7/21/99

PDF Version: Trustee_Recruitment.pdf