Policy: Code of Conduct Addendum

Suspended by the White Plains Public Library Board of Trustees 14 September 2022

COVID-19 Best Practices Policy

To allow patrons access to the White Plains Public Library (Library) during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Library Board of Trustees (Board) adopts this COVID Best Practices Policy (CV-19 Policy).

The Board’s authority to adopt this Policy is found in the Library Charter, Board Bylaws,and New York Education Law Sections 255, 260, 226, and 8 NYCRR 90.2. The Board has determined this CV-19 Policy is necessary to maintain accessibility to Library resources and services while maintaining the well-being of staff and patrons. The CV-19 Policy will remain in effect until concerns about pandemic health concerns subside to such an extent that the Board determines modification and or termination of the CV-19 Policy is warranted.

WPPL Staff have the authority to enforce the measures set forth in this CV-19 Policy as they would any other Library Code of Conduct. Concerns about this CV-19 Policy should be directed to Library Director Brian Kenney. We appreciate and thank you for your adherence and commitment to the CV-19 Policy measures, and keeping staff, patrons and the community safe when accessing the Library and its resources.

Protective Practices

All staff and patrons must abide by the following protective practices:

  • Ages 2 and up must wear a face mask at all times.
  • Utilize social distancing, including while on line for library services.
  • Elevator use by only one person or family at a time.
  • Disinfect computer keyboards and workspaces before and after use.
  • Practice good hygiene, including covering coughs and sneezes, coughing into a shoulder or bend of arm.
  • Wash hands frequently or use alcohol hand sanitizer. Wear gloves where practicable.
  • Do not gather or socialize in groups.
  • Employ other routine practices to help minimize the spread of germs as defined by the Library.

In the event any best practices measure is not practicable on the basis of a disability, please contact Assistant Library Director Kathy Degyansky to explore a reasonable accommodation.

To aid the community in honoring the CV-19 Policy and best practices measures, the Library will transmit the CV-Policy through social media, the Library’s newsletters, and other available means of communication.

Code of Conduct
Adherence to these best practices shall be enforced as a requirement of the Library’s Code of Conduct until such time as this CV-19 policy is modified or revoked.

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Approved and adopted by the White Plains Public Library Board of Trustees 10 June 2020