STEAM at Home: Earth Day

Earth Day is here, a day to work collectively to celebrate the planet we call home and improve the environment. Even though we are isolating ourselves, we can recycle, plant and garden, and make sure not to litter (especially masks and gloves!). Now, more than ever, small acts of love and kindness can make the world a better place.

We can also spend time with our family and teach them how to become more self-sufficient and sustainable. For example, you can create a fun Earth Day tree STEAM project by using found items such as twigs, lentils, dry beans, rice or quinoa. Then, when you are done with this craft, you can re-use the material by planting them, finding a fun recipe, utilizing them for a craft to decorate your apartment, or the garden in the backyard.

First, find some paper and arrange the twigs to create a tree. Next, add lentils or dry beans and rice, piece by piece. Focus on the present moment and add black beans, quinoa or real dirt at the bottom of your paper (I used a paper towel). To further enhance an Earth Day theme, make sure to reuse the paper towels, beans, and the twigs.

You can:

  1. Learn how to plant a bean
  2. Cook the rice, quinoa and lentils using a fun and healthy kids recipe
  3. Use the twigs to build a bird nest
  4. OR build a fairyhouse

This is what STEAM at Home is all about: simplifying STEAM projects to a few household items, being creative, learning some STEAM concepts, and having fun. I hope you enjoyed this Earth Day project!

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