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One of the great things about summer is spending time outdoors and getting some sun. This summer is different as we are restricted in our social interactions, traveling, and vacationing due to COVID-19. However, there are still a few fun activities that can be done safely.

The beach is a wonderful place to relax, read a book, swim, and play in the sand. According to NBC news, “spending time by the ocean is pretty good for your wellbeing.” Also, did you know that “the smell of the ocean breeze contributes to your soothed state, which may have something to do with the negative ions in the air that you’re breathing in?”

To be safe at the beach, avoid crowds and maintain social distancing. One tip would be to try to get to the beach early in the morning or later at night. Also, be sure to follow these CDC guidelines.

Suggested beach activities:

  • Create a scavenger hunt for your kids at the beach.
  • Collect seashells and arrange them in an artistic design, by shape, size, or color.
  • Make a sand castle or play tic-tac-toe in the sand!
  • What is the difference between regular water and beach water? One fun fact: “saltwater is denser than freshwater due to the sodium chloride dissolved in it.” 
  • Take pictures at the beach and create a scrapbook of the objects that you have found.

Two of our favorite beaches:

OverDrive Resources:
Inky the Octopus by Erin Guendelsberger
Fans of Finding Nemo will be happy to read Inky the Octopus. Based on a true story of an octopus who escaped a tank in New Zealand, kids will cheer Inky on as he sneaks off to the
ocean. A real delightful book full of rhymes and fun illustrations!

Science Comics–Coral Reefs by Maris Wicks
This book teaches kids about the ecosystem of the coral reef. Learn about algae and the animals of the ecological world under the sea!

Weird Sea Creatures by Laura Marsh
Ever wonder about other fascinating creatures that lurk in the water? Weird Sea Creatures introduces kids to fish that are creepy and interesting. Did you know that the viperfish uses its big eyes to spot dinner? Many fish can make their own light–this is known as bioluminescence. An anglerfish has its own fishing pole called a lure!

Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea by Ben Clanton
Learn some fun facts about the narwhal, the unicorn of the sea! Read along as he befriends a jellyfish, finds other sea animals to join their pod (podtastic!), and eats waffles. A funny and enduring book that is witty, humorous, and entertaining.

At the Beach by Shira Evans
This book features beautiful photography and an easy introduction to the beach. Photographs depict shells, crabs, and different colors of sand. The illustrations are colorful and the book provides readers with a fun activity at the end.

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