STEAM at Home: Paper Airplanes

Paper airplanes are fun to make, but have you ever tried to recreate the world record paper airplane for flying the farthest, 226’ 10”? You can follow the instructions by John Collins to fold this amazing paper airplane. This is a mix of origami and aeronautics. Follow the instructions in my video to fold the plane. You can also watch the record breaking flight here.

Paper airplanes that fly far are fun, but have you ever made a paper airplane that boomerangs back to you? The second part of my video follows the instructions of YouTuber TriKdanG, who made a paper airplane that flies back to your hands.
Questions to ask yourself:

  • What makes these two designs make these planes fly so differently?
  • If you used different types of paper, construction paper, origami paper, card stock, etc., would this change how either of these planes fly?
  • Does changing the weight of the paper airplane affect how it flies? What would happen if you added weight towards the back?
If you look at the two designs you will see that the boomerang plane has folded up wings, and a little fold in the back. This affects the air around it, making it turn. While the long flying plane is weighted in the front, and is very sleek and compact. This helps it fly straight, with little air resistance which helps it fly farther.
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