STEAM at Home: Magic Foldable Box

This week’s STEAMonday project is a paper folding project. I don’t consider this origami because we use glue at the end, I am a purest with my origami projects. We are going to fold paper to create a box that folds and unfolds like magic.


  • Paper: Origami paper is best, if you don’t have any then use printer paper or loose leaf paper
  • Glue: Glue sticks, elmer's glue, or something quick drying
  • Scissors – If you are not using origami paper
  • Non-stick surface for gluing
How to get started:
Collect 10-12 pieces of paper, varying colors are best. Cut your paper into a square (unless it already is a square) by folding along the long edge and cutting off the waste. Follow the instructions in the video to fold.
Once all of your paper is folded connect two pieces together and glue them as seen in the video. Once they are all glued, connect them as seen in the video as well. Once the glue is dry you can untwist your box, like a spiral to open it up, like magic!
Did you have any problems?
It could be from not connecting the two pieces together properly or from not gluing your end pieces properly. This works because everything is stacked together symmetrically. If you do not stack this right then it will not unfold properly and get stuck.

How long of a piece can you make?
How many of these can you connect before it becomes too bulky?

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