STEAM at Home: Origami Cube

I am continuing my theme of paper cubes this week because I am running out of ideas and supplies, so more origami! This week’s video gives instructions on how to make an origami cube that can hold up a significant amount of weight.


  • Paper – 6 pieces
  • Scissors
  • Something heavy

You will need 6 square pieces of paper to make the cube. Why? Because cubes have 6 sides. Follow the instructions in the video to fold the pieces of paper and see how to connect them to make the cube. Or go here and follow the instructions. Once you have assembled your cube see how much weight it can hold. You can use books and stack them on top of each other.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • In the video I said that printer paper works best for this project. Why do you think that is? What are the advantages of using printer paper over origami paper or construction paper?
  • In the video I also cut my paper in half and then cut out squares, making 2 squares per page. Did I do this to be frugal, save the environment or to make a smaller box? If I made a larger box would it be stronger, weaker, or have the same strength?
  • Why do you think making a cube like this can hold up weight? What is the difference from a basic origami cube? How do the folds help make it stronger? What other shapes could you make in this fashion that could hold weight as well?

Find out the answers to all of these questions in today’s episode of STEAM At Home. Join me on Facebook and Instagram every Monday afternoon for more STEAM videos.

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