Great Podcasts for Kids 7

Summer isn’t over yet, and vacation is a great time for podcasts! I have some more great recommendations for you below, but be sure to also check out the previous Great Podcasts posts.

All of these podcasts should be available on any service you use to listen to podcasts, such as Apple Podcasts, Apple Music, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, etc. Some, however, may be available only through the link provided. If you have some additional great podcast recommendations, leave them in the comments below!

Podcast Potpourri

The Children’s Hour Kids Public Radio
Broadcast first on stations across the country, then each episode becomes a podcast, The Children’s Hour is a weekly show for kids featuring a different topic or performance. Recent episodes have explored Exoplanets, featured the music of kindie band Ants on a Log, and educated on Tigers & Snow Leopards.

Flip and Mozi’s Guide to How to Be an Earthling
I can’t recommend Tinkercast’s podcasts enough. From Who, When, Wow! (recommended in Great Podcasts 6), to Wow in the World (recommended in Great Podcasts 1) and Two Whats?! And A Wow! (recommended in Great Podcasts 5), Tinkercast puts on highly engaging, highly entertaining, but also highly educational podcasts. Created in collaboration with Grammy-nominated kindie rock band The Pop Ups, How to Be an Earthling is no exception. Alien explorers Flip and Mozi crashland on Earth and begin a musical adventure of discovery with each episode providing listeners fascinating facts and stories about the creatures that live on our planet along with information on conservation and promoting environmentalism.

Genius Generation
For tweens and teens, Genius Generation interviews young inventors and entrepreneurs and explores how young people have made a big impact throughout history.

Grandpa’s Globe
Two kids discover a magic globe in their grandpa’s library and proceed to have awesome adventures visiting countries around the world and learning about each country they visit. Fun fictional adventures combined with educational geographical lessons.

Music Blocks
Geared towards older kids, but fun for any age, Ambies Award winning Music Blocks from Colorado Public Radio is a short podcast that looks at the sounds and compositions of songs across a wide range of musical genres. It’s especially fascinating how some episodes look at emotions, such as sadness, anger or happiness, as the building blocks that go into creating music.

Nice to Meet You
In this Ambies nominated podcast, unlikely pairings, such as a platypus and a meteorologist, are put in a room together to get to know each other. What results is a wacky fun process of discovery, alongside building empathy and understanding. Recommended for ages 8+.

RadioLab for Kids
NPR went through its archives of RadioLab episodes to pull out the most family-friendly episodes. Intriguing, engaging and informative on a wide range of topics. Recommended for ages 10+.

Books, Reading & Stories Podcasts

The Adventures of Cairo
Recommended for ages 6+, The Adventures of Cairo follows a young boy through his life in a big city, learning about friendship, kindness, and his community.

The Adventures of Power Dog in Dogland
A family-created podcast, featuring a story by a mother and her young son, music by the family’s grandparents, The Adventures of Power Dog in Dogland is a fun, action-packed series for ages 4+ on the world of Dogland where Power Dog and his puppy friends learn about compassion, friendship, and problem solving.

Goodnight, World!
From Sesame Street Studios and Headspace, Goodnight, World! is a Webby Award nominated podcast series with calming bedtime stories designed to promote calm minds and bodies for sleeping time.

Musical Story Time
Nominated for a Webby Award, Musical Story Time is for younger children and features classic folktales and fairy tales alongside original stories with wonderful singing and musical accompaniment.

The Rez
A sci-fi adventure story for older kids and tweens, Webby Award nominated The Rez provides a glimpse into a dystopian future and the kids who live there. Preen and Sav are two kids who, through the power of a mysterious phone, are able to communicate with kids in the past and learn about concepts nonexistent in their AI-ruled time, such as kindness and friendship. Together they then decide to change their world.

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