Celebrate Three Kings Day

Celebrate Three Kings Day Program!
Saturday, January 6th from 1-4 pm
For Families and Children
Location: Gallery, Igloo, Auditorium & Rotary Room

Families are invited to come celebrate Three Kings Day at the Library on Saturday, January 6th starting at 1 pm! Join the White Plains Puerto Rican Cultural Committee, Comite Noviembre & PRIDA and the White Plains Public Library for an afternoon full of family-friendly activities such as taking a 3D visit to a Puerto Rican Beach in the Library’s Igloo, and enjoying a special appearance by the Three Kings! At 3 pm, there will be a fun bilingual storytime for children and their families followed by a craft activity – crown-making. Three Kings Day is a Christian holiday widely celebrated in Latin America that honors the Three Wise Men or Magi who came to bring gifts to the baby Jesus. Three Kings Day is considered a major celebration during the Christmas holiday season in Puerto Rico – filled with presents, family, food (including yummy Rosca de Reyes!), parades and music. To learn more about the traditions of Three Kings Day in Puerto Rico enjoy reading Discover Puerto Rico’s, The Timeless Puerto Rican Tradition of Three Kings Day.

Check-Out Our New Three Kings Day Titles for Children:

La Noche Before Three Kings Day by Sheila Colón-Bagley & Alejandro Mesa
(Pre-K – 3rd Grade)
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Told in the same iambic rhyme scheme as Clement C. Moore's “A Visit from St. Nicholas,” this text takes readers through a family's Three Kings traditions, including decorating shoeboxes, cooking up a feast, celebrating with music, and bonding with family. The evening routine includes Mom reading to the children before tucking them in, then young readers are introduced to the Three Kings: Balthazar, Melchior, and Gaspar. Text alternates between Spanish and English.

Contado al ritmo de “A Visit from St. Nicholas”, de Clement C. Moore, este texto lleva a los lectores a través de las tradiciones familiares del Día de Reyes: decorando cajas de zapatos, cocinando un festín, celebrando con música y familia. La rutina de la noche incluye a mamá leyendo a los niños antes de dormir. Conocemos a los Tres Reyes: Baltazar, Melchor y Gaspar. El texto alterna entre inglés y español.

Dreams of Green: A Three Kings' Day Story by Mariel Jungkunz
(Pre-K – 3rd Grade)
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It's eleven days after Christmas and Lucia yearns to be in lush Puerto Rico celebrating Dia de los Reyes with family and friends. But this year, instead of dancing and singing in the parrandas of her Puerto Rican neighborhood, she is surrounded by cold and silence in snow-blanketed Ohio. How will she ever be able to guide the Three Kings to her new home in the frosty Midwest? This picture book is a celebration of Puerto Rican culture, heartwarming family tradition, and a reminder that we all carry a piece of home with us wherever life may take us.

The Last Slice: A Three Kings Day Treat by Melissa Seron Richardson & Monica Arnaldo
(Pre-K – 3rd Grade)
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This is a hilarious holiday tale about the highs and lows of eating one very special Three Kings Day dessert: the Rosca de Reyes, a sweet bread with a figurine of the baby Jesus hidden inside! Marta is finally old enough for her own slice of the special, sneaky dessert she loves so much–la Rosca de Reyes. The colorful crown of sweet bread is so tempting, but Marta knows the truth–there's a baby hiding in the dessert: el Niño Dios. Marta can't help but wonder what will happen if she accidentally eats the little figurine of baby Jesus.

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