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Autumn: Children’s Books

Autumn is the season of shorter days, frosty nights, delicious apples, pumpkins, cranberries and more. The sweaters come out, the animals prepare for hibernation and we watch the leaves falling to the ground. Families get cozy together to celebrate the bounty and togetherness. However you decide to enjoy the season, make sure you take advantage of everything autumn has to offer. eBooks in OverDrive: Over in the Forest, by Marianne Berkes. Duck & Goose Find a Pumpkin, by Tad Hills. Apple Orchard Race, by Abby Klein. How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin?, by Margaret McNamara. The Apple Orchard Riddle, by
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STEAM at Home: Nature Bracelets

Autumn is a time when we shift our eyes from the summer sun to watch the leaves change color. There are so many fun outdoor activities that kids can do safely. For example, children love jumping on a bed of leaves and hearing them crunch beneath their feet. One fun activity that you can do with your family is take a nature walk and create an autumn nature bracelet. You will need duct tape, scissors, possibly a ruler, and found objects from your nature walk. Please follow the CDC guidelines for walking in the park. Also, Liz Lee Heinecke advises
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STEAM at Home: Styrofoam Glider

This week’s project was to take a piece of styrofoam and make it fly through the air. This is a fun and simple way to learn a little about aeronautics. Supplies: Styrofoam rectangle (you can use a meat tray) Playing card Tape Coins Ruler Marker Exacto Knife Instructions: Make a styrofoam rectangle. I used a meat tray from the supermarket; wash off all of the salmonella and cut off the rounded sides to create a flat piece. Center of Gravity: For an object to fly, the center of gravity (CG) needs to be 75% behind the balancing point. Right now
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Board Meeting Documents for September 9th, 2020

Approved Library Board Meeting Minutes – 09-09-20 Combined-Agenda-09-09-20 09 09 20 Library Board Agenda Agenda Item #1 – 08 12 20 Regular Library Board Minutes Agenda Item #2 – Budget Report – August 2020 Agenda Item #3 – Claim List 1 Agenda Item #4 – Adult Services Report – August 2020 Agenda Item #4 – Assistant Directors Report – August 2020 Agenda Item #4 – Collection Management Report – July – August 2020 Agenda Item #4 – Community Outreach Report – August 2020 Agenda Item #4 – Digital Media Specialist Report – August 2020 Agenda Item #4 – Library Systems
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