June History Roundtable: Dr. Collymore’s 1964 Speech

The next White Plains History Roundtable will take place on June 17 at 7:00 pm in the Auditorium at the White Plains Public Library!  The Roundtable will feature a reading of Dr. Errold Collymore's 1964 Howard University Alumni Award Speech by White Plains resident Ted Lee, Jr. and Errold Collymore's son, James L. Collymore.

Dr. Errold Collymore was a prominent black professional and trailblazing civil rights leader in White Plains from the 1920s to the 1970s.  When he first arrived in White Plains, he recalled that it felt like “living in some southern town.”  Black residents in White Plains faced segregation in public places and severely limited employment opportunities. In his speech, Dr. Collymore describes the impact of education on his life and many of his campaigns for civil rights in White Plains.  In addition to desegregating businesses and helping black residents gain jobs, Dr. Collymore was a practicing dentist who cultivated the minds of young people while they were in his exam room.  He reflected, “In my life and work I have tried to raise the ceilings of hope for our young people.”  Dr. Collymore's life is a powerful example of service to others and a rich point of entry for exploring White Plains' social history.

The White Plains History Roundtable is an educational, participatory, and social event where we learn about events from White Plains’ past, examine primary source materials from the Library’s White Plains Collection, and engage in discussion.  Please join us for a night of inspiring history!  Contact Librarian for White Plains History Ben Himmelfarb with any questions at 914-422-1480 or bhimmelfarb@whiteplainsny.gov

Photo Credit: http://www.jc3.net/ED%20Collymore%20Articles.html

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