A Sense of Place: Research Workshop

January's edition of the White Plains History Roundtable will be A Sense of Place: Research Workshop on Wednesday, January 20, from 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM.

Ever wondered what the layers of history and human experience are that combine to create White Plains? Join Librarian Ben Himmelfarb and student of White Plains history Cliff Blau to learn how to research the history of any address, building, business, house, or spot in White Plains. Maps, directories, photographs, and online resources from the White Plains Collection will be available for everyone to use.

Come prepared with a favorite place to research and we will walk you through the process of discovering more! There will be plenty of time for storytelling and sharing the history we are bound to uncover. We hope you'll leave with a stronger sense of place and a new perspective on the places we live, work, and spend time in.

The White Plains History Roundtable is an educational, participatory, and social event where we hear a presentation on an historical topic, examine primary source documents from the White Plains Collection, and engage in discussion with each other.

January's History Roundtable is one of many programs commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the City of White Plains during 2016. Check out the City's Website and the White Plains Historical Society for information on other events!


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